About Us

Hello and welcome to the about page! If you somehow ended up here, either you’re actually curious or maybe yo’re getting tricked by the machine end ended up here.

Whatever the reason you’re here, we’ll just assume that you have the curiosity enough to make you wonder who we are and what are we doing here or maybe even you have bigger interest and want to be part of this website.

Who we are?

Originally, this site was a personal blog for a not so interesting life journey of someone on the internet. As the time pass by, the owner decide to make it more open to the writer who have the same vision which is… to share whatever in mind with their own unique way of writing (that just came out when we wrote this lol).

What we do?

We would like to share our life , ideas, our thoughts and everything about everything. We hope that what we do can give some meaningful impact for someone out there. We put some ads, yes but it’s just for supporting our funding for this site.